Pickled Peppers and a Shandy in the Sand

AcornCanningCompany.com a local love of ours in Marshfield, Ma | After helping Monica set her account up with WordPress we wrote a review on the most amazing Pickled Peppers we’ve ever tasted. Of course we washed it down with a Summer Shandy!

Acorn Canning Company

Looking for Fresh delicious local pickled delights? Do you crave fresh strawberries scented and enhanced by the gorgeous summer geranium? It really can only enhance your Sunday morning or any snack at the beach.

Today I enjoyed “Pickled Sweet Peppers”, beach side on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Rexhame Beach, in Marshfield to be exact. I grabbed myself a chicken salad wrap and some lavender drizzle to have as my lunch while basking in the sun.  While shopping in Acorn Canning Company, I was chatting with Monica, or as I used to call her, “The Soup Lady”, if I may she is so much more than soup!!!

The chicken salad was freshly made with chunky bite sized tenders; folded into a mayo dressing and tossed with cranberries and chopped walnuts, all wrapped neatly and generously in a whole wheat wrap. Nothing could compliment a light sandwich like this nearly…

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