Heart Beet.

AcornCanningCompany.com a local love of ours in Marshfield, Ma After helping Monica set her account up with WordPress we have written several reviews on her products! This might be Leigh’s favorite part of the job! Check out Monica’s site at http://www.acorncanningcompany.com

Acorn Canning Company

Please pass the beets. That isn’t a statement you hear often. I’d like to challenge that for a moment.

Now ~  because I have the time, and I just finished my first pint of Acorn Canning’s Pickled Beets. Beets are an essential part of your Farmer’s market this time of year but Monica certainly knows how to gussy them up!

I can’t tell you how fantastic they taste until I introduce you to the color. The vibrance of late summer sunsets and hues of magenta that make you think of royalty. The meaty and buttery texture of the beet is something to relish in. Did you know that Roman history tells us that this humble root vegetable is an aphrodisiac. If that doesn’t tempt you than you can always just try it for all of the health benefits claimed, mood enhancement and antioxidants to name a couple.

Acorn’s beets…

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