Why Twitter and not just Facebook? Simply put…Tweeting is fun. While Facebook is like the beloved Boston bar, Cheers ~ Everybody knows your name. And your husband’s name, your kids’ names and your dog. It’s where most of us belly up while we are grabbing the morning newsfeed in our robe. It’s perfect.

Only a little too perfect, like  Thornton Wilder’s, “Our Town”.

Wall postings stage Act 1, Daily Life,

Act 2, Love and Marriage and Act 3 Death and Eternity.

All with the option to LIKE!

Twitter on the other hand is not very different from Las Vegas. A bit of after dark, anytime you like AND nobody knows your name. You choose your Handle, who you follow and who follows you.

And the best part, “What goes on your timeline, stays on your line.”

Like the chairs lined up at your favorite Salon, the Twitter timeline provides a safe face smiling back through the mirror at you, ready to listen; and never raising a judgmental eyebrow.

See the similarities? What better person to follow on Twitter than your trusted and beloved Hair Salon?

Over the years we build friendships with and trust them – unquestionably – with our honesty. Our heartfelt feelings and fears often fall to the floor with the split ends of our tresses. Words we so often don’t get share with our colleagues, neighbors or school moms.

Fact. Nobody is talking about their juicy truths and fantasies on Facebook.

Twitter is the social medium for all of the good stuff. The fun stuff. The crushes and the fantasies. Someplace you can mix with and socialize with people who have your same feelings or interests. Where else can you go to talk to a follower who loves to garden, shares your interest in whole living and likes to participate in a little extra curricular light bondage?

When you are speaking freely with your stylist you know it’s all staying in the salon. The same is true for Twitter.

What goes on your timeline stays on your timeline. It’s fabulous, free and easily accessible.

Best of all, you have the right and the privilege to let your best or worst hang out. On FaceBook a picture posted and note written about how lovely your Begonias are in the yard, next to your perfectly potty trained and well behaved three year old sitting criss cross applesauce is the norm.

Twitter on the other hand allows you the user to speak the plain truths. It allows you to share the words about the divorce from the aforementioned gifted-child’s father. And how the said child bites at daycare, never sleeps and you’re convinced this kid of yours will never be right. You will discuss your friend with breast cancer who is fighting for her life every day. The gentleman at the office who pays extra attention to you and how thrilling it has been this week to go to work.

Maybe you are lonely or just like to play with words and it comforts you to chat with somebody other than your neighbor on the deck. Twitter allows us to empower ourselves through meeting women and men like ourselves and daring to let ourselves shine. All while remaining unknown and discreet.




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