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Seasoned Wine Barrels- Now available for Purchase

A timeless building block for upcycling designers and crafters. Imported wine barrels as-is for table bases or take the barrels apart.

We are able to ship individually or in bulk, if needed. 

Pricing is per barrel.

225 liter, stored outside/darker wood -$100

225 liter, stored inside/lighter wood -$250

500 liter, stored inside/lighter wood -$500

These 225 (59 gallon) and 500 (130 gallon) liter barrels made from French Oak. Previously used wine barrels imported from Italy.

Each barrel is unique due to storage and usage.  Some may be lighter or darker then others.

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If you have further questions please contact us at:

World Wide Wine of New England
9  Mear Rd
Holbrook MA 02343

Phone – 617-335-7697
Fax – 781-961-4222


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