Caramel with Sea Salt used to be my favorite Salty meets Sweet edition. Pickled Peaches are a new front runner!

Acorn Canning Company

Summertime and pickles. It’s like an old married couple that know the ends of each other’s sentences.

While we troll the supermarket aisle looking at all of the choices on the shelves, we’re searching for something a little more exciting then the Hamburger chip. Well take off the headlamp, drop the compass and run from your grocery cart. I have found the pickle buster answer at Acorn Canning company!

Monica has solved pickle boredom.

While I was trying to decide between carrots, mushrooms and a variety of other tangy produce, I nibbled on some fresh candied lemon peel. (Later I threw some in a vodka and tonic) I settled on Pickled peaches and Dill pickled carrot sticks.

I would love to say I sliced up the carrots and tossed them with some fresh slaw, or diced them into a tuna salad and nestled it all into a fresh bulkie roll…

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