a local love of ours in Marshfield, Ma | After helping Monica set her account up with WordPress we have written several reviews on her products! This one was especially delicious! So many options to come up with using preserves! Check out her site at

Acorn Canning Company

It’s chilly out today. The kids are back in school again–I am not going to bring up the fact that officially, the summer will be ending soon. The cool fall air is approaching and I have had my fill of late beach lunches and five o’clock cheese and crackers.

What I will mention is  ~ I am already dreaming up some fall recipes. Like my stories, recipes cultivate in my mind. Ideas for fall fruits and produce start to simmer gently; warming the cool afternoons after school. Today I experimented with a new pantry item from Acorn Canning Company in Marshfield. Preserved Oranges will be in a few of my dinners this fall for sure. The oranges are freshly and gently preserved, while maintaining a crisp orange flavor and almost a chewy rind that satisfies the bite.

I prepared bone in center cut pork chops today. After  sautéing them with…

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